Alexa was born December 8th, 2011. Alexa continues to amaze her family with her great strides and all of her great strides and courage at such a young age. Alexa was hospitalized a few times for high fevers and rashes but it wasn't until Alexa was 11 months old we were told Alexa was Neutropenic. Alexa's Hematologist tried for months to regulate her Neutrophil Counts, as they were very low. When Alexa was 19 months old she started on Neupogen Shots and her counts regulated. Since she has been on the Neupogen Shots, her personality has really come to life. It is as though we have an entirely new baby. Alexa continues to have days where she is very tired and not feeling so well, but for the most part she is extremely outgoing now. Specialist diagnosed Alexa with Congenital Neutropenia. Alexa continues to make remarkable progress her growth. Our family is so blessed to have Alexa Rae, and she inspires so many people around her. Alexa Rae is so young, but has been through so much in our journey so far. Please bowl for the cure.