On the day of my son Andrew’s five-week check-up with a hematologist, the inevitable became reality. Because I have been living with Severe Chronic Neutropenia for the past 30 years it was important to check my son for signs of this disease. His initial labs shortly after birth seemed normal, however the numbers changed at his five-week appointment when his ANC came back at 400. The doctor proceeded to read the results manually, resulting in an ANC of 0. My mom was not surprised at the diagnosis because his umbilical cord was still firmly attached and I was five and half weeks old when my umbilical cord became infected. Although it was difficult to hear the words that my son has severe chronic neutropenia, I began to think positively right away because I knew Neupogen, which was not available until I was eight years old and referred to in my family as the miracle drug, would give him a chance at a normal life. Although he has to have monthly CBC's, I knew that Hospital visits, I.V.'s and bone marrow taps would be minimal, because he had the most powerful tool already. Since his diagnosis, he has done very well and I look forward to a positive outcome.