Kara was born in September 2003. She developed a severe infection of her umbilical cord at 3 days old. In her first two months of life she had constant ear infections and was hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus(RSV) a contagious viral disease that infects a person’s lungs and breathing passages. During the follow up visit to the pediatrician after Kara’s discharge, Kara’s mother insisted that a blood test be ordered. A few hours later the phone rang. It was the nurse indicating that there must have been an error in the lab and Kara needed to have a second blood draw. Kara’s second blood draw yielded the same result and Kara was diagnosed with neutopenia. Despite a diagnosis there were still many questions. Over the next year Kara had many many blood draws, two bone marrow biopsies and numerous infections. She was in the ER on a regular basis. Kara was seen at two hematology/oncology clinics before finally being diagnosed with Severe Congenital Neutropenia (SCN) and treated with neupogen, a shot she takes daily to help her body to make neutophils and provides her with a defense against infection. Kara has endured thousands of shots, hundreds of blood tests, many hospitalizations and over 15 surgeries. Kara and her family have learned to live with neutropenia and Kara is a thriving “almost ten year old” as she likes to remind others. She loves to sing and dance and brings joy to family and friends. Kara and her family are committed to partner with the Ella Jewell Foundation to raise money for research and a cure for Kara and others affected by SCN. Friends and family will be bowling for neutrophils and would be honored if you would sponsor Team Kara in their fight against Neutropenia and quest for neutrophils.