Liam was born July 26, 2005. When he was 1 month old, his doctors determined that he had Neutropenia and started him on injections to prompt his bone marrow to produce the white blood cells he was lacking. When he was 6 months old, after having a bone marrow biopsy, the doctors confirmed that he has Severe Congenital Neutropenia. Liam continues to take daily injections and, fortunately, seems to respond well to them. Although not always easy (and certainly not at first!), we have come to remind ourselves often that we cannot change what we have been handed in life, but we can certainly make the best of what we have been given. Liam’s strength, courage and perseverance, especially during those “really sick times”, is what continues to inspire us as a family to do the most that we can to be the champions in this “life-long game” against Neutropenia. We are encouraged to know that the few researchers devoted to understanding, treating and hopefully (eventually) curing Neutropenia continue to make strides in their field. However, they can’t do it alone. We were beyond thrilled to have recently received the first Ella Jewell Foundation Newsletter. To know that this Foundation was formed on behalf of a child just like Liam and dedicated solely for the purpose of raising funds and awareness for Neutropenia research and support, gave us a sense of HOPE. Hope that, we truthfully didn’t realize, had not been that bright. We are blessed to have this opportunity to join with The Ella Jewell Foundation in raising funds and awareness for Neutropenia. Please consider pledging to support Liam’s League, whether it bein raising funds or in raising awareness. Thank you for your encouragement and continued support!