Tate was 17 months old before we discovered that he can’t fight bacteria to save his life. We were so fortunate Tate's doctors finally discovered that Tate had Neutropenia, a rare and frightening disease. It’s not on a doctor’s checklist when an infant is routinely sick; most doctors told us there was no problem. We now know that Tate has a long race ahead of him. Fighting ear and skin infections and unexplained fevers was the 5K. After a little bit of training, it felt normal to us. We knew what to do. It was routine. His diagnosis was the 10K. We were up for the challenge. At least we knew why Tate was sick all the time. Just give us our routine, and we’ll do what we need to do to make it to the finish line. But the race was not over. There is no finish line in sight. He will not outgrow the condition. There is no cure. While we are relieved that there is a treatment, knowing your child has to take a shot every day for the rest of his life, or until there is a cure or another treatment option, is realizing your child’s life is a marathon. That's why we created the Long Race 4 Tate, a fundraiser for the Ella Jewell Foundation. We are excited to join "Bowling For Neutrophils" and get our non-racing friends, as well as Tate's friends, involved.