What is Neutropenia?

Neutropenia is a very rare blood condition that causes a reduced number or complete lack of neutrophils. Neutrophils are a type of blood cell that defends the body against bacterial infections. Sometimes the term Severe Chronic Neutropenia (SCN) may be used to describe a group of conditions in which Neutropenia is the primary problem. Types of Neutropenia include Congenital, Idiopathic, Cyclic and Autoimmune.

To learn more about Neutropenia visit the National Neutropenia Network  www.neutropenianet.org

What is the Ella Jewell Foundation? EllaJewellLOGO

The Ella Jewell Foundation (EJF) is currently the only known foundation in America raising funds to directly benefit neutropenia-related research. The foundation currently donates to research being conducted by Dr. David C. Dale and team at the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (SCNIR), University of Washington in Seattle. The goal of EJF is to raise awareness and funds for research. Although the foundation is named after Ella Jewell, a patient diagnosed with Severe Congenital Neutropenia, it has been established to benefit all those diagnosed with all types of Neutropenia. Many families have joined forces with the EJF because “Together, we can make a difference”.  The neutropenia community is small and working as a team is making a big difference.

To learn more about The Ella Jewell Foundation visit  www.ellajewellfoundation.com

What is Bowling for Neutrophils?

Join forces with us across America.

This is a fun, easy way for everyone affected by Neutropenia to get involved and a great way to honor the neutropenic in your life.  You will be raising awareness and funds to research alternative treatments and, the ultimate goal, a cure.  Follow the 10 steps and contact Kristin if you have any questions.  All funds raised through Bowling for Neutrophils directly benefit the Ella Jewell Foundation and the Ella Jewell Foundation has committed to donating 25% of the net profit from the bowling events to the National Neutropenia Network to assist in funding peer-support programs.  The remaining 75% of the net profit will benefit neutropenia research. We have been running the fundraiser for 2 years now, it began in 2013. We have had over 20 families across america join us. We have raised and donated over 35,000 through Bowling 4 Neutophils. The Ella Jewell Foundation was started in 2010 and has raised and donated over 250,000 to date in 2015. “Together, we can make a difference.”